Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE)

The goal of this project was to design and implement a community-based intervention to reduce household energy use. We conducted a successful randomized controlled trial with 30 Girl Scout troops to assess two behavior change interventions focused on energy use in (1) residences and (2) for food and transportation.

extreme weather

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

The goal of this line of research is to understand under what conditions and via what mechanisms communities undertake significant climate-related actions – in terms of collective mobilization and governmental policy – following an extreme weather event.

Public Views of Fossil Fuel Export in the Pacific Northwest

Fossil Fuel Export

The goal of this line of research is to better understand public opinions and responses to fossil fuel export infrastructure.


Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

The goal of this line of research is to examine public perceptions of unconventional oil and gas development via high volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).