Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE)

Goals: The goal of this project was to design and implement a community-based intervention to reduce household energy use. We conducted a successful randomized controlled trial with 30 Girl Scout troops to assess two behavior change interventions focused on energy use in (1) residences and (2) for food and transportation.

The results, published in Nature Energy, demonstrate that a behavioral intervention targeting Girl Scouts can improve their energy conservation behaviors and provides evidence of diffusion of behavior changes from children to their parents/families. We have since developed an online course to help troop leaders implement our energy-saving programs with their own troops.

Collaborators:  Nicole Ardoin, Carrie Armel, June Flora, Tom Robinson

Selected Publications

Boudet, H. S., J. Flora and K. C. Armel (2016). Clustering household energy-saving behaviors by behavioral attribute. Energy Policy 92: 444-454. [Online Article]

Boudet, H. S., N. M. Ardoin, J. Flora, K. C. Armel, M. Desai and T. N. Robinson (2016). Effects of a behavior change intervention for Girl Scouts on child and parent energy-saving behaviors. Nature Energy 1: 16091. [Online Article]

Boudet, H. S., J. Flora, N. M. Ardoin, K. C. Armel, and T. N. Robinson (2014). Energy behaviors of northern California Girl Scouts and their families. Energy Policy 73: 439-449. [Online Article]

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